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Here is what we think happened...

In 1985, a very nice man decided to start a popcorn company in Las Vegas.

Over time, they added a some more items and became a snack food and candy distributor.  He called the company Fun City Popcorn.

In the late nineties, fun city popcorn was sold to a company in chicago.  The new owners weren't as nice as the original founders and really didn't care about the company.

In 2001, someone at the Chicago company came up with an idea.  "Let's make this company someone else's problem!"  Fun City Popcorn became a publicly traded company.  Because everyone loves a penny stock!

In 2003, another nice man and his very beautiful and very smart wife said, "We have no experience in the food business and this company doesn't make money.  Let's buy it!"  Two months later, the wife said, "I don't like this business." and she started her own business.  She is still very smart and very beautiful.

Here is what we know happened...

In 2003, the company name was changed to Fun City.  Because we sell more than just popcorn.  A lot more than just popcorn.  But we also sell a lot of popcorn.

Today, Fun City is the premier specialty food distributor and the largest distributor of candy and snack foods in Las Vegas food service.  We are the master food service distributors for Mars, Hershey, Nestle, Fancy Farms Popcorn, Keurig Green Mountain, Nespresso and a host of other popular brands.  We currently maintain an inventory of approximately 8000 items with access to an additional 25,000 items within 2 business days and more than 75,000 within 7 days.  Fun City is also the master dealer for Gold Medal Equipment and Cretors - the two largest manufacturers of concession equipment - and is a Federated Foodservice affiliated distributor.

Unlike other distributors, we maintain multiple channel accounts with manufacturers and re-distributors.  This allows us to purchase foodservice, retail, vending and club packs.  We have a department dedicated to custom requests and sourcing.  Customers are never limited to what is only inventory.  We source specific products on a daily basis.  In fact, approximately 45% of the products we deliver are special order.

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